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The Bodkin This is a pile made by the blacksmith Richard Pelham on a 3/8" ash shaft. Richard turns out many different styles of forged head. More pictures to follow. Contact Richard by clicking here.

Spire Point Boat Tail This is one of Bob Goss' (Poison Dwarf Ballistics) piles. Bobs pile are hand cut on a Ultra High Precision Repetition lathe and are very accurately weight matched, typically down to +/- 1 grain. These are 50grain. The boat tail provides a lamina flow and reduces drag. This particular one is on a 5/16" POC shaft barrelled down to 1/4". I am experimenting with these for my flight arrows. Bob turns out a number of different styles of head in Tellurium steel and, aircraft grade duralumin. Contact Bob by clicking here.

Barrelled, footed and nocked This is one of the arrows I use for flight and roving. They'd work ok for long distance target shooting too. I wouldn't take them into the woods for because I'd hate to break them. The nock is purpleheart and the foot is cherry. the main shaft is 11/32" POC barelled down to 5/16".

Chippenham Type 3 pile hand cut triangular fletch. A BL-BS standard arrow. I picked up the piles at a re-enactment fair so I don't know where they come from. I'm asking Richard Pelham to see if he can come up with some. I've used these for flight and roving. The shaft is 3/8" ash and the fletchings are 6" hand cut triangular.They are self nocked with a horn slice for reinfocement. The whipping is real linen thread.

Swallowtail with a straight cut fletch. Another pile I picked up at an odds and sods stall at a re-enactment fair  There's not much opportunity to shoot this, it would destroy most targets. The shaft is 3/8" ash and the fletchings are 6" hand cut parallel.They are self nocked with a horn slice for reinfocement. The whipping is real linen thread.

Bodkin with a straight cut fletch. Very similar to the swallow tail but this one has one of Richard's bodkins and black whipping..

Type3 with triangular fletch with the trailing edge untrimmed. This has an untrimmed trailing edge on the fletch.. It causes more drag and more noise. Again a 3/8" ash shaft. 

A general purpose arrow A friend asked for a themed arrow that reflected his surname (Roe) so if you are wiling to concede that black could be called ebony the colour scheme here spells out Red Orange Ebony. The shaftment is painted with flourescent orange paint because I'm pretty sure his grass is not going to be too short and it helps them show up. 5/16" shaft, 100gn brass bullet pile and 4" red and black fletchings.

My arrow This is what I mainly use for field shoots. It is self nocked with thread reinforcement 5 1/2" black shields whipped on with black thread. The shaft is 5/16" pine with a steel 3d point. The fluorescent orange nock means I can see it in the target and hopefully in the undergrowth.

Josh's arrow Joshua made a dozen of these. 1/4" shafts 2" shields and one of Bob Goss' SPBT tellurium steel piles.